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Boston Dynamics: Spot

Spot is a four-legged dog-like robot created by Boston Dynamics. Spot can be controlled with a remote control or be programmed to complete tasks autonomously.

Creator: Boston Dynamics
Country: US
Status: Active – Development Ongoing

Introducing Spot

Spot Advertisement Video

Spot FAQ

Can I purchase Boston Dynamics Spot?

Yes you can! Boston Dynamics has sold 400+ Spot robots so far and are available for purchase directly on their official website.

How much does Boston Dynamics Spot robot cost?

Want your very own Spot? The price of Boston Dynamics Spot starts at ~$74,500. See for yourself in the official Boston Dynamics Shop. The robotic arm will set you back an additional ~$50,000.

Boston Dynamics Spot Battery Life

Spot has a battery of around 90 minutes but now that Spot has become self-charging with his very own charging station, battery life is less of an issue.

How much does Boston Dynamics spot weigh?

Spot weighs in at around ~65 lbs, about the weight of a medium sized dog.

What is Boston Dynamics Spot top speed?

This dog-like robot Spot can run up to a top speed of 3.5 miles per hour.

Is Spot waterproof?

Spot is waterproof and spot is dustproof.

Can Spot do a backflip?

No, Spot cannot backflip but the Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot can.

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